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Kawaiipalooza Chicagoland 2023

Updated: Oct 22, 2023

Leah + Andrew! - Rocket Bunny Studio

Hiya buns! If you follow small businesses, October usually starts a whirlwind of pop-up events! (At least this is typically how it goes for us!) We started off strong in Chicagoland. On Sunday, October 1st, we made it out to Kawaiipallooza Chicagoland 2023!

This year, we decided to pop up last minute, but we were so happy to join our Chicago family once again! When I say last minute, I mean that I actually had no plans to bring any of my products with me until a couple weeks or so before the event. I was just planning to attend! :P Luckily, I was already planning a new product release and decided this would be a good opportunity to showcase some cute, new goodies!

The event took place in a new venue: Ignite Gaming Lounge in Skokie, Illinois. (Such a cool place! Might have to visit again when we're back! :P) There were some new and familiar faces, but everyone kept it super kawaii! :) It was so exciting to see all of the cute items from the craft and gift vendors. The food vendors also had some tasty foods and we made sure to try what we could! We once again shared a table with Camelia Bakes, one of the founders of Kawaiipalooza. The music was a great spread of pop and K-pop hits. It was also really fun seeing the Rocket Bunny logo come up on the TV screens around the room! :D

Kawaiipalooza Chicagoland product spread!

Along with my typical stickers and pins, I had some new products: Rainy Day coin purses, Things + Stuff pouches, and sooo many adorable friendship bracelets! I also featured one of Sinulid Co's Tiger mug rugs! (We did a collaboration a few months ago! Check it out here.)

I'm completely used to doing pop-up events by myself. Sometimes, my sister comes along, especially during Vegas events, but I usually prepare to go it alone. This time was different, and I was happy to have Andrew join me for this experience! It's a great help having someone with you for bathroom breaks (or shopping breaks lol) and especially for the company! <3

Thank you to all my Rocket Bunny friends who purchased a bracelet and any of my other products! You guys really push me to keep working to make my shop better and better every day!

After Kawaiipalooza Chicagoland, (that same night, actually) I headed back to Vegas to prepare for Las Vegas Asian Night Market. We'll talk more about Asian Night Market in an upcoming post! Please subscribe to The Rocket Blog at the bottom of the page so you can get the latest updates! We hope to post regularly about our events, products, and other news here.

Thanks for keeping us in your orbit! If you bought a bracelet or any other products from us, please take a picture with it on and tag us on Instagram! We'll share more event stories with you again soon. :)

Kawaiipalooza Chicagoland Photo Highlights!:

1. Rocket Bunny Studio + Camelia Bakes table team - Leah, Andrew, Camelia, Jerome, Caden, and Mary

2. Leah of Rocket Bunny Studio with Camelia of Camelia Bakes

3. The last four bracelets! (Started out with 40+ bracelets :o )

4. Veloria Coffee had TWO drinks we wanted to try so we had to try both :P

5. Sweet Delights Chicago had the most kawaii sign with some adorable treats!

6. Quick capture of the Rocket Bunny Studio logo on the TVs!

7. Leah and Andrew posing at Seven Twenty-Five Events' awesome balloon decor <3

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